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Hypnotherapy with Suzi

Hypnotherapy is a team effort, firstly we sit together and discuss what’s going on for you, what you want in your life, what this looks and feels like to you.  Then it’s as simple as closing your eyes, following my instructions and making the changes you desire in your life to begin to be created. Hypnotherapy is a safe and relaxing, one thing that people do notice is an incomprehensible calm and feeling of wellbeing that returns with them as they move into the present moment.  Hyp...

September 24, 2018

The new Ra' space is getting ready for you...!

We're so excited to get things a hapening ! Before we know it our Ra' Yoga space is going to hum with the vibration of joy, vitality, peace and kindness all wrapped up together....

September 24, 2018

Personal Coaching with Maddy


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