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Hypnotherapy is a team effort, firstly we sit together and discuss what’s going on for you, what you want in your life, what this looks and feels like to you. 

Then it’s as simple as closing your eyes, following my instructions and making the changes you desire in your life to begin to be created.

Hypnotherapy is a safe and relaxing, one thing that people do notice is an incomprehensible calm and feeling of wellbeing that returns with them as they move into the present moment. 

Hypnotherapy can help at some level anyone willing to be hypnotised. Some are more receptive to hypnosis than others however, everyone who is willing to be hypnotised can become able to follow simple steps to achieve an appropriate level of trance in order to create positive change.

Our brains constantly move between four natural states, Beta (Wide Awake), Alpha (Relaxation or Meditation), Theta (Hypnosis, Intuition), Delta (Sleep).

Successful Hypnotherapy takes place in the Theta, or Trance State It is the place where the unconscious part of our mind operates.

Trance state is completely natural and a state that most experience at some stage throughout the day, when the mind is focused on only one thing and all other thoughts dissipate, times such as reading a good book, gardening or even mopping the floor, when time simply gets away from you.  After Hypnosis, clients can describe a sense of time distortion, where the hypnosis session can feel like either 10 minutes, no time at all or an hour, it can be hard to tell.

In the hypnotic state you are in control at all times and can bring yourself out of hypnosis if you choose. In fact, in the hypnotic or trance state of Theta you are in a heightened state of awareness.   Even though the word ‘sleep’ is often used, hypnosis is not actually sleep in the traditional sense of the word. It is more a ‘daydream’ space of timeless calm.

In the state of hypnosis, we can communicate directly with the subconscious part of our mind, here patterns and beliefs are stored. We can release those patterns that no longer serve and create new better programs that can allow the client to move forward.

Some people fear that they may get “stuck” in hypnosis or fear letting go in case they lose control. It is important to understand that you cannot be made to do anything against your own will, morals or judgement whilst in hypnosis. If you were given a suggestion that was not in line with these, you would simply bring yourself back into an aware state easily and safely.

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